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New Books
Magical ideas
Wheels on the road
Baking day!
A Snoopy tale
Magic tree house survival guide
Big Apple diaries
The Baby-sitters club. 10, Kristy and the snobs
Future of the Time Dragon
Wave of the Sea Dragon
Call of the Sound Dragon
Big city, big dreams
See the dog : three stories about a cat
The best Christmas gift
Kraken me up
Kind as a princess
I am thankful
Eight perfect hours : a novel
Murder in a Scottish shire
The party crasher : a novel
Seven-year witch
No words : a novel
Three sisters
State of terror : a novel
Baby-sitters little sister. 3, Karen
The death of Jane Lawrence
Dune : The Lady of Caladan
My Monticello : fiction
When the reckoning comes : a novel
The Bennet women
We are not like them : a novel
The neighbor
We know you remember : a novel
An impossible promise